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  November 19,2020

Turkey celebrates its Republic Day, commemorating the proclamation of The Republic of Turkey in 1923. Japan and Turkey have maintained strong relations for over a century with 2019 marking 95 years of Japan – Turkey diplomatic relations and 2020 marking the 130th anniversary of the Ertugrul Frigate disaster, where the foundations of friendship between the two countries began.

Japanese and Turkish people are very close at heart even though our countries are geographically far apart. I feel Japan and Turkey are indeed ‘two nations, one heart.’ I’m grateful to work as Japanese Ambassador in Turkey to further improve the already strong bilateral ties between our two nations. Japanese companies and investors should consider the mid to long-term resilience of Turkey’s economy and evident market growth potential it has shown over the last 15 years despite various internal and external shocks. Turkey should be viewed as a hub of activity and the ideal entry point for Japanese business into many parts of the world: Europe, Gulf states, Central Asia and Africa.” Said Ambassador Akio Miyajima, Ambassador of Japan in Turkey.

Japan has also played a key role in the modernization and development of Turkey’s infrastructure by introducing new technologies and engineering know-how.

“JICA has played a key role in a number of large-scale projects completed in Turkey such as the second Bosphorus Bridge Project and the recently completed Bosphorus Rail Tube Crossing project.” said Mr. Takehiro Yasui, Chief Representative of JICA Turkey.

Over the past few years, the two countries have comprehensively been negotiating an Economic Partnership Agreement.

“With the completion of the Japan-Turkey Economic Partnership Agreement, we believe direct investments from Japan to Turkey will increase and the bilateral partnership will be much more active in both Turkey and surrounding countries.” said Mr. Şerif Tosyalı, Chairman of DEIK Turkey – Japan Business Council

Japan realizes Turkey as a vital ally and invaluable partner when it comes to entering the hugely unrealized African market. This was illustrated in the 2019 Tokyo International Conference on African Development, where Turkey was the only ‘third country’ invited to the three-day event held in August this year.

“The future between our two nations is very bright. Turkey’s central location will act as the perfect hub for entrance into the vast African markets which offer opportunities for business collaborations between our Japanese partnerships.” said Prof.Cafer Tayyar Sadıklar, founder and chairman of Turkish- Japanese Foundation.